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Why go on a safari in Kenya? Because when it comes to creating exciting, adventurous safaris, Kenya is the best. Kenya’s safaris have a deep history, dating back to the 14th century when Arabs were traveling and trading in East Africa. In fact “safari” is a Swahili word that originated from the Arabic word “safar” meaning “journey” or “travel“.

Types of Safaris in Kenya

  • Kenya Wild Safari
  • Air/Fly-in Safari
  • Balloon Safari
  • Road Safari
  • Bird watching Safari
  • Adventure Safari
  • Scenic Safari
  • Beach Safari
  • Cultural Safari
  • Honeymoon Safari

Kenyan safaris rekindle the imagination associated with thrilling wildlife adventures. When you think of a Kenyan safari, you no doubt picture roaring African lions, herds of elephants, wildebeests and zebras thundering across vast sweeping savannas, and the joy of basking in Africa’s long sunshine and wilderness. The range and variety of Kenyan safaris has never been larger or more attractive than it is today.

There are many options to suit your taste and preference, covering different kinds of unique wildlife experiences and different levels of wildness, comfort, luxury, adventure and cost.

From balloon adventures, wildlife safaris, beach camping and luxury resorts to extreme, special-interest safaris that incorporate additional adventures such as mountain climbing, Kenyan safaris and tour companies can tailor an organized tour to meet your specific needs and interests. For those who prefer to be in control of planning when and where you go, you can always take a tour by yourself or plan one with family or friends. You are only limited by your imagination.

Kenya’s Wild Safari

Kenya’s national parks and game reserves are a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, offering a variety of Kenyan animals and accommodations to suit all preferences. From low budget camping to moderately priced lodges to top-notch luxury bush lodges, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

The most famous of all Kenya’s game parks is, of course, the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The Maasai Mara is known for its wildebeest migration but it is also home to Kenya’s “big five” animals, more than 400 species of birds, and varying topography. In addition to the “Big Five”, you will find plenty of interesting Kenyan wildlife such as hippos, jackals, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, wildebeests, hyenas, antelope, cheetahs, crocodiles and more.

Kenya wild safari tour


Highly-trained game rangers will escort you in specially designed 4WD safari vehicles on morning, afternoon and nighttime drives. If you prefer to tour on your own, you can explore the park on your own time and in your own vehicle, or you can join an organized and guided safari tour.

Kenya Air Safari (Fly-in Safari)

This luxury Kenyan safari is designed for those who have a limited amount of time and want to see as much as possible on their short visit to Kenya. A fly-in safari is perfect for getting a bird’s eye view of the landscape of Kenya’s different national park destinations, as a light aircraft whisks you between lodges, major towns, game parks or national reserve airstrips. Once you book a Kenyan fly-in safari, all logistics are taken care of, and all you will need to do is simply relax and enjoy.

Fly-in safaris are a perfect way to experience Kenya’s magnificence and beauty. Once you have been picked up for the safari, usually from your first point of arrival in Kenya, you can just let go and enjoy the adventure. You will be flown from one lodge or camp to another, depending on the itinerary you have chosen. All of Kenya’s major national parks and game reserves have their own private landing strips. In many cases, your pilot will also be a qualified guide and will remain with you for the duration of the safari. The lodges and camps you will stay in are some of the best accommodations available in the Kenyan wild.


Boarding for a Fly-in Safari - Kenya Safaris


A fly-in safari enables you to see Kenya from a totally different perspective. From the air, you will get an excellent view of the country’s vastness and greatness. Once on the ground, you will be taken on game drives, maximizing the time spent viewing the Kenyan wildlife and scenery. At the end of each day, you will rest at your Kenya lodge and be pampered in ultimate style and comfort.

Kenya Hot-air Balloon Safaris

A hot-air balloon ride is the Kenyan safari best suited for the adventurous tourist who wants a sky-high view of Kenya’s wildlife. Hot-air balloon safaris are particularly popular in Maasai Mara National Reserve. The low-flying balloons give you a unique aerial view of the wildlife and landscape below. In addition, the sunrise launch will introduce you to the most spectacular colors, sounds and sights that Kenya’s wild has to offer.

Balloon safari in Masai Mara Kenya


The balloon ride lasts approximately one hour. Breakfast is prepared on the balloon burner upon landing. Your can customize your Kenya wildlife tour to include a hot air balloon safari or, if you are staying in one of the game lodges at Maasai Mara, the help desk will be happy to arrange a hot-air balloon safari experience for you.

To enjoy a Kenya hot-air balloon safari, either book the safari separately or get a customized Kenyan safari tour that includes a hot-air balloon ride.

Kenya Road Safaris

A road Safari in Kenya


Road safaris entail traveling by road from Kenya’s main cities and towns to the game reserves, and also within the game reserves. A road safari in Kenya is the perfect way to view the beautiful Kenyan landscape. Road safaris are also good if you are visiting Kenya on a budget or if you have enough time to tour through many areas of the country.

A group budget safari is an excellent way to save money on traveling and allows your larger group to experience a Kenya safari together.

Camping safaris let you experience the ultimate Kenya safari experience by living in Kenya’s wilds and bushes. On a camping safari, you sleep in tents set up in a campsite, very close to the animals. On a typical camping safari you will spend several nights sleeping outdoors in the national parks and reserves. Imagine the unforgettable experience of hearing a lion roar nearby, listening to the howls of hyenas, or watching a leopard prowl.

Luxury safaris blend the rugged outdoor beauty and wildness of Kenya’s national parks and wildlife reserves with fine dining, luxurious amenities and world-class Kenyan hotels and lodges. Whether you are staying on the coast, in Nairobi or inside a game reserve, these luxury accommodations provide you with the opportunity to go on an expedition to see Kenya’s incredible wildlife, while pampering you when you return.

Enjoy these tour packages for road safaris, camping safaris or luxury safaris in Kenya, and book online.

Kenya Bird Watching Safaris

With over 700 species of birds, Kenya is one of the top birding safari destinations in Africa. You will enjoy excellent birding in game parks such as Maasai Mara, Aberdare, Lake Nakuru, Mount Kenya National Park, as well as in many other Kenyan parks and reserves. Books on Kenya’s birds are readily available and there are also many guides to take visitors to the best birding spots in Kenya.


Birding Safari in Kenya


Adventure Safaris in Kenya

African adventure safaris combine the best African wildlife safaris with extreme adventure. Adventure safaris are ideal for those who enjoy adrenaline rushes and thrills. Ballooning, mountain climbing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, horse riding and even camel caravans add extra thrills to your traditional safari.


Riding camel on adventure safari in Kenya


African adventure safaris sometimes cover more than one country. You could go on a mountain climbing expedition to Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and then finish off with a climbing safari on Mount Kenya or Mount Elgon, and a balloon safari in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

Kenya Scenic Safaris

Scenic Safaris in Kenya focus as much on landscape and vistas as they do on wildlife. Experiencing Kenya’s unique flora and fauna as dictated by seasonal changes is a wonderful way to savor the ecosystem of the country. Rugged mountains, volcanoes, savannahs, shrubs, semi-deserts, lush valleys and varying landscapes make for breathtaking views. The Great Rift Valley, the Kerio Valley, Chyulu Hills, Central Kenya Highlands, Mt. Kenya, Yatta Plateau and the coastal beaches are all magnificent sights worth enjoying.

Kenya Beach Safaris

Beach safaris are usually not the first thing you think of when planning a safari, but the beaches of Kenya offer white sandy shores, plenty of warm seas and lots of water sports that are just perfect for your vacation destination.


A beach in Kenya


Add beach fun to your Kenyan safari to give you one memorable adventure. Between Lamu and Malindi to the north and Diani and Ukunda to the south is a long stretch of wonderful beaches just waiting for you to explore. You can book a beach holiday safari to Lamu, or combine a beach and animal safari that will take you to Mombasa’s beaches and Tsavo East National Park.

Kenya Cultural Safaris

Cultural safaris focus on Kenya’s nomadic communities and give you a chance to interact with locals and learn more of their customs and traditions. The Maasai, Samburu and Turkana communities are especially fascinating, and you can learn more about their art, music, food and lifestyle.

Maasai warriors dancing culture, Kenya


Experiencing the culture of Kenya’s people will really enrich your visit to Kenya. The Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi is a social center where you can see several displays of traditional, cultural artifacts and the artwork of several Kenyan tribes.

Kenya Honeymoon Safaris

Nowadays, the meaning of the word ‘safari’ has expanded to include tours and travels that are not necessarily related to the search for wildlife, for example, a honeymoon safari in Kenya. This safari is just about the two of you sharing a private time in the wild bushes or beaches of Africa. Just imagine the two of you alone on your private viewing deck in an exclusive bush camp or lodge, a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, the sounds of the savannah and the grandeur of Kenya’s culture spread around you. Just peace…serenity…away from it all. Kenya is one of the most perfect places to go on a honeymoon safari in Africa.


Hotel resort, Lamu Island, Kenya


Imagine a honeymoon in Lamu – an ancient town, island and archipelago. Lamu is a unique Kenya tourist destination with an ambience of medieval romance that attracts those who want to get away from all of the trappings of modern life. Life on the island of Lamu goes on close to how it did in the 14th century when the settlement was founded and you get to enjoy the eccentric culture, art and artifacts of the Swahili settlers. If you would like to be transported to a place where time stands still, go on a safari or honeymoon to Lamu Island.

These are just some of the many safaris you can enjoy in Kenya. There are other special interest safaris such as golfing safaris, scuba diving safaris, beach camping safaris and more. With a multitude of safari packages to choose from and a host of Kenyan safari and tour companies offering different prices, availabilities and amenities, you can easily customize your safari package to suit your personal taste and preference. A safari to Kenya is something that you can also plan on your own.



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Visa is not needed for EU citizens. Everyone else needs a visa.
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