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Tanzania has the population density of about: 41048532 peoples,the Capital city being Dodoma and Dar es salaam Tanzania is centre of business and second large capital while Zanzibar Island is part of Tanzania and has a population of over 1.million,the largest population being in stone town. The metropolis of Zanzibar as part of Tanzania sprawls across over 72 square miles between the beautiful Indian Ocean and Dar es salaam Tanzania Mainland. Tanzania and Zanzibar Having one of the best climates in the world Zanzibar draws visitors year round from all over the world,Get arrange with Monda Africa Tours & Safaris for Tanzania Safari, Zanzibar beach Holiday leisure and Tanzania Packages is part of our market services

The first-time visitors while in Tanzania Safari are always gets amazing experience and wonder all the beautiful Tanzania Safari Adventures especial on its wonderful Game and National Parks, Package and a vibrant Tanzania Wildlife Safari Exciting Tanzania Safari remain the most World wonder, Tanzania is the unique entertainment Zanzibar hottest locations and attractions. Come join us and we will definitely show you around Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar beach holidays



Visa Requirements
Visa is not needed for EU citizens. Everyone else needs a visa.
Languages spoken
English & Swahili
Currency used
Tanzania Shillings(TSH)
Area (km2)
945,087 kmĀ²

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